Case Results

  • Tom Hallett secures release of client from prison after Manslaughter conviction vacated.

    August 2023

    In an extraordinarily difficult case Attorney Hallett secured his client's release from prison on Friday.  This came just a few days after the Court vacated the client's 2020 manslaughter conviction.  You can read about this case below: Read On

  • Alisa Schlundt Wins Motion To Suppress!

    August 2023

    Attorney Alisa Schlundt scored a big victory recently when the Court granted her Motion to Suppress all test results in an OUI case.  The Court agreed that the Officer's misleading statements about the availability of a work restricted license violated the Due Process rights of our client.  RESU... Read On

  • Civil Rights Case Moving Forward

    March 2023

    A Federal Court Judge ruled last week that claims against York County Corrections Officers for violating the civil rights of a resident can move forward to trial.  It was a milestone moment in this case:  judge-allows-case-against-york-county-jail-guards-over-taser-use-to-proceed-to-trial/ Read On

  • Attorney Jordan Ramharter achieved an exceptional result in a sentencing hearing this week.

    March 2022

    The client was facing a potential five-year prison sentence for Class C, Domestic Violence Assault. The prosecutor in the case asked the Judge for a four-year sentence, with eighteen months behind bars. Due to Attorney Ramharter's powerful advocacy in her written memorandum and arguments on the d... Read On

  • Hallett and Donahue Earn Huge Not Guilty Verdict in Manslaughter Trial!

    December 2021

    HWW is thrilled for client Shawn Purvis who was found not guilty of Workplace Manslaughter by a jury following a long trial.  A more serious Class A Manslaughter charge didn't even make it to the jury as the defense team argued successfully to have that charge dismissed by the Judge at the close ... Read On

  • Drug Charges Dismissed!

    June 2021

    My client was charged with Drug Trafficking, Drug Possession, Attempted Drug Trafficking and Attempted Drug Possession.  After preparing a defense, and conducting lengthy negotiations with the State Prosecutor, all of the charges were recently dismissed.  My client maintains his clear criminal re... Read On

  • Felony Eluding Dismissed!

    June 2021

    Our Firm recently obtained the dismissal of a 4 Count Indictment, including a felony level Eluding charge on behalf of an eighteen year old client.  This young adult faced charges which would have led to a serious criminal record which would have followed him throughout the remainder of his life.... Read On


    April 2020

    Incarcerated populations are highly vulnerable to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  A federal judge agreed with Tom Hallett's argument this week and our client was released on bail so that they can shelter in place at their Maine home rather than in federal prison as they await their appeal.  If you know someone... Read On

  • Assault Case DISMISSED!

    March 2020

    Yesterday we obtained the straight up dismissal of Domestic Violence Assault charges against our client.  The incident that led to our client's arrest had been misunderstood and overblown.  At the dispositional conference David Weyrens successfully convinced the prosecutor that there was not suff... Read On

  • Multiple Gross Sexual Assault (GSA) Counts DISMISSED

    September 2019

    Attorney Tom Hallett has recently successfully defended a client against claims of sexual abuse of a minor.  The allegations were denied wholeheartedly by the client; however, the resulting prosecution placed the client at risk of a lengthy prison term and a lifetime of registration on the sex of... Read On

  • Wrongful Death Case Settles

    June 2019

    Attorneys Tom Hallett and David Weyrens recently concluded a series of wrongful death claims arising out of one event the net result being that $3,250,000 was recovered on behalf of the surviving family.  It goes without saying that nothing can replace the loss of a loved one but HWW was pleased ... Read On

  • BMV Hearing Victory

    May 2019

    This week one of our attorneys prevailed for a client in a BMV hearing where the videotape revealed that a police officer did not undertake an arrest the way that they had described it in their report.  As a result, our client did not lose their license for five months, and they are now in a very... Read On

  • Charges Avoided in White Collar Matter

    June 2018

    Tom Hallett achieved a fantastic outcome for a client recently when he was able to convince the State Attorney General to not prosecute our client for alleged tax liability going back many years.  An indictment and prosecution would have been devastating, even if the client could win at trial.  I... Read On


    May 2018

    Our client was charged with an OUI Refusal the client faced a 3 year license suspension and 30 days in jail.  After months of negotiations the relentless ADA refused to dismiss the charge.  Two options remained Plead guilty or go to trial.  We chose trial knowing it was an uphill battle.  After a... Read On

  • Another Case Dismissed

    January 2018

    Some legal victories are achieved with one Court appearance, and total victory for the client, such as David Weyrens negotiating an unconditional dismissal of ALL charges alleging a client had violated bail conditions today at the first dispositional conference in Cumberland County.     Let our ... Read On

  • An Appeal Victory

    December 2017

    Sometimes our clients legal victories follow months or even years of labor and are incredibly hard fought.  For instance, just before Christmas Tom Hallett and Ben Donahue prevailed in an appeal in front of the Maine Law Court which will allow a complex civil lawsuit to move forward.  The Law Co... Read On

  • Aggravated Drug Trafficking Charge Dismissed!

    David Weyrens has negotiated a dismissal of a Felony level Aggravated Drug Trafficking Charge!  Client walks away with NO criminal conviction.  Case Closed! Read On

  • Early Representation Leads to Client Avoiding Assault Charges

    Late one night in the Old Port our client was accosted by another drunk partygoer.  They spoke pleasantly at first; however, the conversation escalated and our client ended up in a fist fight.  Unfortunately, the man was seriously injured and faced significant medical expenses.  We were hired prior t... Read On

  • Weyrens wins Asylum Victory for Client

    A client of David Weyrens walked out of U.S. Immigration Court in Boston yesterday with a new lease on life having prevailed in their claim for Political Asylum.  The case, after nearly five years in the works, went to trial after which the Judge immediately ruled that the client had won and gran... Read On

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