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Federal crimes are often complex cases with serious penalties resulting from a conviction. A federal crime will often initiate with a long investigation lasting weeks, months, even years before an arrest is made. If you suspect that you are under investigation for a federal crime or you have already been arrested and face federal charges, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights.

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Experienced, Aggressive Federal Crimes Defense

Hallett Whipple Weyrens is a criminal defense law firm located in Portland, Maine, with extensive experience in federal court. We will initiate an immediate investigation on your behalf to directly challenge any evidence presented against you. Our Portland federal crimes attorneys will consult with witnesses, work with experts, review police reports and aggressively challenge any evidence illegally obtained against you.

Our Portland federal crimes attorneys handle all of the following:

  • White collar crime
  • Mail fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Business crimes
  • Stock fraud
  • Weapons offenses
  • Possession of firearm by a felon
  • Possession of firearm by a prohibited person
  • Drug crimes
  • Conspiracy to traffic drugs
  • Child pornography
  • Sex crimes
  • Federal Appeals to First Circuit


The Federal Code and Sentencing in Federal Cases

The Federal Code is all encompassing and applies to a number of criminal acts. When accused of a federal crime you face mandatory sentencing under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and a different set of rules that could result in strict and severe penalties. Our Portland federal crimes attorneys know how difficult these cases can be. From your initial consultation and our investigation, we will work to resolve your case with the best possible solution. We take all appropriate action to make sure that your case is resolved with the best possible outcomes. In other cases, we will pursue every avenue of defense, including trial.

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