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An assault or battery charge can arise out of a domestic dispute, an altercation between two acquaintances or something as common as at a bar fight. In any case, the attorney you choose to hire can make a difference in your case by plea bargaining, reducing penalties, or getting your case dismissed. At Hallett Whipple Weyrens we have extensive experience handling assault and battery cases and will thoroughly investigate your case, aggressively defending your interests from the outset through trial.

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Self-Defense in Assault and Battery Cases

In most cases of assault, the altercation arose after verbal abuse, a threat or other encounter. In many of these instances, the alleged attacker was only acting in self-defense. Our attorneys will interview witnesses, review police reports, medical documentation, and examine the prior history between the two parties. When our client was responding to the threats or actions of an alleged victim, our goal is to demonstrate to the court and the prosecution that the defendant acted in self-defense.

Our Portland assault and battery attorneys are experienced in cases involving:

  • Threats and physical attacks
  • Domestic abuse
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Harmful or serious bodily injury
  • Aggravated assault

Protecting Your Rights at Every Critical Stage

Our Portland assault and battery attorneys are experienced in investigations, hearings, and handling jury trials. We know how to collect and present relevant evidence to use in your case. We also know that negotiating with a prosecutor may be your best option. Depending on the circumstances of your case or the charges that you may face, our attorneys will pursue a resolution in your best interests. While we are strategic negotiators, we are also prepared to take any case to trial when necessary.

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