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A drunk-driving arrest can happen any time. You may have been returning from a work function, out with the family, or out with friends. You may not even have known that you were over the limit. In fact, you may not have been over the limit! In any case, after you are arrested and charged with a drunk-driving crime, you need experienced, aggressive defense. At Hallett Whipple Weyrens, our Portland OUI/DUI/DWI attorneys are experienced in the investigation and defense of all drunk-driving crimes.

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We will aggressively defend your case involving:

  • OUI/DUI/DWI arrests
  • Drunk-driving accidents
  • Vehicular homicide involving drunk driving
  • Breathalyzer refusal

Portland OUI/DUI/DWI Defense: Know YOUR Rights

Many defendants in drunk-driving cases assume that the case is finished after the arrest and charge. It is important to know that from the moment you are pulled over through trial, there are always opportunities to defend your rights and your actions. Our experienced Portland OUI/DUI/DWI defense attorney can investigate your criminal defense case and identify every opportunity for a defense. We will consider:

  • Was it proper for officers to pull you over?
  • What kind of test was used?
  • Was the Intoxilyzer or breathalyzer test calibrated properly?
  • Was the 20-minute wait period observed?
  • Was a blood or urine test administered properly?
  • Were you using other medications at the time of arrest?
  • Were you above the legal limit (.08)?

Potential Consequences of a Drunk-Driving Charge

This is an area of law that can lead to tremendous pitfalls for the unwary. Even a first-time charge can result in license suspension, jail time, and long-term loss or suspension and jail time for second-time offenders or higher. Our attorneys will represent your rights and interests through the criminal justice system and in administrative hearings involving your driving privileges. With our advice and advocacy, any defendant can fight to stop license suspension.

Refusing to take the Intoxilyzer and breathalyzer will now increase penalties. You may face a mandatory minimum jail sentence for a refusal. However, there is an opportunity to challenge arresting officers and try your case. Our attorneys will review evidence and attack motives and procedures of the officers as well as the results of your field sobriety test at trial, when possible. Remember, if you have had a refusal, it usually means that the only real evidence is the field sobriety testing, which can be attacked.

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