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Patient, Caring, Shark-Tastic

David listened to everything I had to say, which was why I hired him in the first place. I have a way of rambling, so he would cut me off politely if I was talking too much. (Not a bad thing, in my opinion) He 100% fought for my son and I in court for a PFA and we got everything we wanted. He even helped my boyfriend who was also part of the PFA but didn't technically hire him. He really cares about his clients and will get them the best possible outcome hands down! He has gone above and beyond and done more then necessary for my family. To David, you are not just a paycheck, you are a human being that needs help! I HIGHLY recommend him and will definitely use him, or someone else in his firm if needed in family court, again and again! He's the best!

– S.S.

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