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Mike Won A Very Difficult For Me. I'm Forever Grateful To His Dilligence And Solid Dedication To Understanding My Case.

My case was an extremely difficult Family Matter gone very bad. My ex accused me of a gross behavior that lead to me facing 20 years in jail and the loss of my child at the time of this matter.

There were mental health issues with my ex and a number of other things that lead to this accusation being made against me. I was scared and felt that I was undoubtedly going to jail over something that was patently a false allegation but nonetheless ended up with me being arrested and put in jail and thrust into the legal system facing the most serious type of charges just below murder.

The biggest blessing of my life, during this time, came when I called Mike Whipple and met with him in person. The questions he asked, the details he sought, the information he wanted was in places I never would have thought of. The people he brought into the case and areas he explored in my life was stunning. Mike was able to look at the situation from the eyes of a well versed legal consultant and see the holes in what my ex was saying in the accusation.

Mike knew my case because he studied the facts. Then he presented those facts masterfully in the courtroom. His dedication to my case the truth and his integrity are stunning! When I sat and watched him question my ex, I remember thinking, I'm glad he's on my side. Mike was able to systematically, piece by piece, take the lies and break them down into easily seen twists and turns that were clearly seen as nothing more than full on lies and misrepresented facts that my ex had stated.

The biggest moment came when my ex specifically lied about the night in question and Mike allowed that lie to go on and on. He was then able to come back around and confront my ex, while on the stand about that lie. Because Mike new my case so solidly and confronted my ex while on the stand about this lie, there was nothing my ex could say to the court other than, "Your Honor I just lied".

Michael Whipple holds a very special place in my life. Not only did I win the case but I won the right to have my child back in my life. I can't express anymore gratitude than what I've expressed here. The facts were on my side and Mike knew it. Mike knew how to study the case, question the statements made, then knew how to present them. My life has only continued to improve and I thank Mike daily for his diligence and tenacity. God Bless.

– Criminal Defense Client

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