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Divorcing parties usually have questions about alimony, which is known in Maine as spousal support. There is a common misperception that spousal support is awarded in every divorce case. Spousal support often comes into play only when one spouse has less income than the other, and when the marriage lasted at least 10 years.

The lawyers at Hallett Whipple Weyrens have extensive experience working with Maine's spousal support laws. We represent parties who are obligated to pay as well as those entitled to receive payments. Whether you are getting divorced and need to determine support for the first time or need to enforce or modify and existing arrangement, reach out to our team for help.

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Basic Rules of Spousal Support in Maine

As mentioned above, the general rule is that a marriage must have lasted 10 years or more in order for alimony/spousal support to be awarded. That general rule will be adhered to unless it would produce an "unjust" result. Aside from that, the only other firm guideline on the subject regards duration — how long payments last:

  • Married 10 to 20 years: Spousal support payments last for no more than half the length of the marriage. For example, if you were married 14 years, the general duration for spousal support will be seven years.
  • Married more than 20 years: Judges have discretion to award spousal support for an appropriate duration, which may be longer than half the length of the marriage.

Courts in Maine can award different types of support. Transitional support, reimbursement support and nominal support are each a bit different from the other. General support as described above, which is paid to a spouse with substantially less income potential, is the most common form, however.

Determining the Amount of Support

Unlike child support, there are no guidelines that can be used in determining spousal support. Judges can consider a wide variety of factors, such as the age of each party, employment history, education levels, health, the outcome of the property division phase and much more. Our job as attorneys is to understand your unique situation, and then explain that to the judge so he or she has full information when making a determination.

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