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Even after you have been convicted of a crime or lost a civil dispute, your case is not over. It is important to remember that the appeals process is available to you in the event that your case was improperly handled or decided. At Hallett Whipple Weyrens, we have extensive experience in the investigation and pursuit of appeals in both criminal and civil cases, including family and divorce matters.

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Where Do We Handle Appeals?

Attorneys at Hallett Whipple Weyrens are licensed to bring appeals and practice in the following Courts:

  • Maine Supreme Court (also known as the Law Court)
  • First Circuit Court of Appeals (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • United States Supreme Court (Washington, D.C.)

How Does the Appeals Process Work?

The appeals process is often misunderstood. Many people believe that they get a new trial at the appellate level, but this is not true. In state cases, the Maine Supreme Court will review your case for errors in the application of law during your previous case. In federal court, your appeal goes to the First Circuit Court in Boston. The appellate process is long, and unlike most litigation where a client is actively involved, the appeal is usually handed off to an attorney who will work through trial and motions transcript, case law and statutes to identify errors.

Your Portland criminal appeals attorney will brief the issues after investigating your case for potential errors including:

  • Incompetent representation
  • Erroneous instructions to the jury
  • Improper use of law
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Improper evidentiary rulings at trial

Can I Get a New Attorney?

Routinely, we handle cases that were lost by other attorneys. If you were unsatisfied with the representation of your former attorney or believe that a mistake made by your attorney caused you to lose your case, contact us.

What Happens After My Appeal?

After the briefing is done, the Appeals Court decides if an Oral Argument should be held. In Oral Argument, your attorney will orally present the mistakes of law made in your case. After Oral Argument, the Appeals Court renders a written decision. Through the appeals process, we work to overturn a conviction or a civil judgment. Our legal team handles appeals in civil court, including family disputes and personal injury, as well as criminal cases.

Portland Criminal Appeals Attorneys at Hallett Whipple Weyrens

Our attorneys are admitted to practice appellate law at the Maine Supreme Court, the First Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court.  The appellate process is very different from other types of cases. When considering an appeal, it is important to work with an experienced attorney you can trust to handle every detail. Hallett Whipple Weyrens combines a record of service, experience, and tenacity to successfully handle your appeal.

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